User Workshop Experience

How do people feel about location information and privacy, and what are their concepts, worries and issues related to using apps which ask for permission to access location information? Which services do they need or use regularly? What do they want to achieve higher privacy regarding their location information? These are important questions in our SIMPORT project.

To answer these from a user perspective we conducted our first user workshop series. Our participants were active smartphone users from various backgrounds, knowledge levels, age groups and locations. All were familiar with applications that are using location based services especially relating to navigation, social media or delivery services. With their fruitful discussions about their perceptions, knowledge and actions related to sharing personal location information we have been able to gain valuable insights from the users’ perspectives. They also gave us great ideas on how to structure educational information.

In addition we are planning to conduct workshops from a more technical point of view. What options are there for developers to design location-based applications in a more privacy-friendly manner? How can they improve the user experience with regard to informed consent? If you are interested to discuss questions like these with us, then please follow this link.

For future events and first results of the project please keep following our website.