University of Münster

The Institute for Geoinformatics (ifgi) of the WWU Münster covers different research areas of geoinformatics. Of central importance for SIMPORT are the preliminary work in the area of location-based services, protection of privacy with regard to PO (location privacy) as well as Smart Cities and Open Science. In these fields several research projects have been carried out, which lay the foundations for SIMPORT, among others GEO-C (Marie Curie PhD program, and O2R (DFG funded project on Open Science, A currently running, industry-funded project deals with the implementation of the DSGVO in software development. The open source project enviroCar emerged from a study project of ifgi, was further developed by 52°North GmbH and made publicly available. The use of enviroCar as one of the test scenarios is ensured by the expertise available at ifgi and a subcontract for the provision and adaptation of the server-side components of the system. In addition, ifgi can draw on sound experience in the management of large projects. In terms of content, ifgi contributes expertise in handling location information, location-based services, location privacy and human-computer interaction as well as the corresponding technical infrastructure.

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FH Münster

The Software Engineering Lab at FH Münster University of Applied Sciences designs and implements innovative application software – from requirements analysis to readiness for use. The focus of Prof. Dr. Gernot Bauer’s group is on human-computer interaction and smart mobility. The lab is part of the “Institut für Gesellschaft und Digitales” (GUD) at FH Münster, a scientific association of computer scientists, social scientists and designers with the aim of contributing by information technology and the design of digital media to reflecting on and solving current societal issues and challenges.
With its focus on Smart Mobility, the Software Engineering Lab has contributed to sustainable digitized mobility for 15 years. It develops and does research on web and app based information, booking and navigation systems in the field of multimodal everyday mobility. Naviki, an internationally popular bicycle route planner, emerged from a BMBF project of the lab. Currently, the lab is implementing a multimodal assistance system for everyday supply in rural areas.

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Osnabrück University

The Osnabrück University (Prof. Dr. Rainer Mühlhoff) contributes to SIMPORT with its research expertise in data ethics, philosophy of technology and ethics of artificial intelligence. Under the keyword “Predictive Privacy” the alliance partner develops regulatory strategies for data protection and privacy in the context of predictive analytics. Further projects deal with “digital counter-enlightenment” in the context of user interfaces as well as value-sensitive design and responsible research and innovation in the field of artificial intelligence.

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Reedu GmbH & Co. KG

The Reedu GmbH & Co. KG emerged from the BMBF-funded senseBox project. The company focuses on open sensor systems in the IoT market for the end user as well as for the education market. By simplifying and combining open source components, products (software and hardware) are created for citizens, students and schoolchildren that enable them to participate in problem-solving processes with social relevance (Citizen Science). The company’s competencies lie in early prototype development, the development of driver and accompanying software for the IoT products up to marketability as well as effective educational solutions and the organization of workshops and hackathons with different groups.

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HERE’s central field of activity is location information and its potential, how it can radically improve different business areas and the way we move and live. In implementing this vision of the future, we are also redefining what was previously understood by a “map”. Within the framework of SIMPORT, HERE’s work in the context of “informed consent” and Consent Management plays a central role. Recent studies on user attitudes towards privacy and acceptable practices for sharing PO can serve as a starting point for the work in SIMPORT. In addition, HERE operates several location-based services (such as HERE WeGo), which will be investigated in the framework of the project.

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