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Towards a Privacy Toolkit for Location Based Apps

27 Dezember 2020 - 30 Dezember 2020

Based on the location history of a mobile phone, deep inferences can be made about a person’s life – thus posing a privacy risk that users are often not aware of. Also, the UX of location sharing in mobile apps is currently severely lacking. In this interactive session, we invite app developers as well as people interested in the topic of location privacy to discuss various perspectives on location privacy and explore possible ways to improve the current practices of consent and location data handling. What is missing to develop privacy friendly location based services? The results of this workshop will flow into an open source project that is aimed to enable developers to work responsibly with location data and ultimately give users the opportunity to regain sovereign control over this data. For planning, it would be nice to shoot us a quick mail if you want to participate (, not mandatory though).


27 Dezember 2020
30 Dezember 2020